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MachiniFeed is a blend of many other Machinima-related RSS and Atom feeds from around the world. We call them our Ingredients. Here is the current list of active ingredients:

Index #TypeName (Link)Description (site)Ego Central to Machinima Filmmaker Ken Thain
153Assets3DTree 3Bs (site)Free Moviestorm mods.
171BlogsAccursed Farms (site)Home to Civil Protection and Freeman's Mind
185BlogsAct3Scene24 Pointless Musings (site)... about machinima, etc.
184BlogsAmorphous Blob Productions (site)The production blog for Amorphous Blob Productions, creators of Machinima Dan, Clockwork, and other movies.
51BlogsAnthony Bailey's blog (site)Anthony Bailey's blog
176BlogsAstrid of Hell Presents (site)Sims 3 Machinima
179BlogsBlog of TheBiz (site)The blog of machinima filmmaker, TheBiz
159BlogsBridging The Expanse (site)The ramblings of AfterThought's 3D filmmaking journeys
17BlogsBuddy of DoQ (site)A Machinima Production Log
147BlogsCaptain's Blog (site)The blog of Killian, general wibbling, thoughts, opinions and production stuff for his machinima projects
27AnimationCartoon Brew (site)Cartoon Brew: Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi
128BlogsCertified Training in iClone and CrazyTalk (site)James Martins blog of official training on Reallusion machinima products
172BlogsChat Noir Studios (site)"In the Minds Eyes of the Black Cats," the blog of Kate and Sherwin of Chat Noir Studios
69FilmCinemaTech (site)Digital cinema, democratization, and other trends remaking the movies
201BlogsCircular Work (site)Circular Work are a machinima team, working out of the United Kingdom and Switzerland. We make high quality machinima using San Andreas.
209BlogsClockwise Production Blog (site)Development blog for the new Amorphous Blob machinima, Clockwise: Part 2.
191BlogsCyber Hermit (site)On Animation, Anymation, Machinima, Webisodes and the New Breed of Storytellers
173BlogsDark Lord Productions (site)The blog of Armanus and Dark Lord Productions
66BlogsDigital Games and Film (site)A Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) Special Interest Group.
12BlogsDr. Nemesis' Blog (site)Dr. of Machinima: A blog by Leo Lucien-Bay, a.k.a. Dr, Nemesis
190BlogsFramedin3d (site)The blog of Ariella Furman, machinimatographer
45BlogsFree Pixel (site)Discovering Games as Expressive Media - The Georgia Tech Machinima Blog
141BlogsGTA4Machinima (site)The blog Claus Dieter-Schulz on making machinima with Grand Theft Auto 4
198BlogsGuerilla Showrunner (site)Competing with Fox on a Firefox budget - a blog by Hugh Hancock
170BlogsLegs (site)Legs (World of Warcraft machinimator) - Universe at Large blog
174BlogsLinn Søvig's Blog (site)"Remember what the dormouse said" From Jefferson Airplane or/and Alice in Wonderland?
97BlogsLit Fuse Films Blog (site)The blog of Lit Fuse Films
14BlogsMachin-X (site)Machin-X: Machinima and new frontiers in digital entertainment
215BlogsMachiniFeed Updates (site)Updates related to MachiniFeed itself.
125BlogsMachinima Expo (site)The Machinima Expo celebrates the best of world machinima online. At each year's festival we screen over 50 films, provide panel discussions, interviews and opportunities to meet and learn from filmmakers all over the world.
36BlogsMachinima For Dummies (site)Machinima For Dummies (Hugh Hancock and Johnnie Ingram): Blogging the writing of "Machinima For Dummies"
124BlogsMachinima Journey begins with single click (site)Machinima Journey begins with single click (Lars)
160BlogsMachinima Studios (site)Machinima Studios From Inside, featuring Claus-Dieter Schulz (site)Machinima en Español
208BlogsMachinimated at (site)Machinimated - a new channel
126BlogsMachiniplex (site)High Quality Machinima presented in High Quality Formats
189BlogsMagnum: The Machinima Review (site)A blog of machinima reviews
211BlogsMallet Prop Studios (site)My name is Keith Eiler, and I love writing comedy. Recently I’ve shifted from exclusively writing to making full content in animation software...
195BlogsMamachinima (site)The blog of Chantal Harvey, machinima director.
102BlogsMatt Kelland's Blog (site)Matt Kelland's blog.
105BlogsMellaniuM (site)Virtual Quantum Entanglement
111BlogsMetaverse TV (site)Metaverse TV is an internet television channel based in the Metaverse, specifically Second Life for the time being. Weekly machinima content.
204BlogsMMIF: Ma Machinima International Festival (site)17-18 JUNE 2011 - http://MMIF.ORG
22BlogsMoo Money's Blog (site)Machinimoo: Social Media, Machinima, and more
168BlogsMostly Machinima (site)This blog is mostly about making machinima. It may occasionally feature other random thoughts, but mostly machinima.
76AnimationMotionographer (site)Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking, vfx and bombastic banter
94BlogsMoviestorm Blog (site)The Official Moviestorm Blog
205BlogsMuvizu (site)The free Muvizu 3D animation software and this Muvizu website are the ever-evolving creations of Digimania, a company based in Glasgow, Scotland.
23BlogsMy Clones For iClone (site)My Clones For iClone ... diary of an iClone mad man
183BlogsMyClone (site)A blog for users of the iClone 4 software
212BlogsMyClone Poser & Daz Studio Blog (site)The only blog for both Poser and Daz Studio.
80FilmObservations on film art and FILM ART (site)Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell
92BlogsOlibith: My Underground Lair (site)World of Warcraft films by Olibith
216BlogsPineapple Chunks (site)Two Filmmakers, An Ocean Apart, Blog Their Machinima Journey
167BlogsPixel Eyes Productions Blog (site)pixel eyes productions create machinima!
144BlogsPooky Amsterdam (site)The blog of Pooky Amsterdam, producer of multiple Second Life live machinima shows
150BlogsPookyMedia Films (site)PookyMedia Films brings together the talents of Pooky Amsterdam, long establised producer of live online virtual entertainment, and Russell Boyd (Rosco Teardrop), experienced and successful flight sim machinima filmmaker.
177BlogsReallusion Blog (site)The official Reallusion blog (makers of iClone and CrazyTalk)
217BlogsScissores (site)Machinima film production company, ran by Tony Dyson ( who created R2-D2 for Starwars) and Chantal Harvey (
75FilmSelf-Reliant Filmmaking (site)Self-Reliant Filmmaking was begun by Paul Harrill in late November 2005. The mission of the blog is discussed in the first post.
24BlogsShattered Keyboard (site)Shattered Keyboard: My Rants and Raves on Games, The Game Industry, Game Technology, and Machinima
145BlogsSisch's reflections (site)Sisch's reflections on Anymation - Acting - Singing - Writing
138BlogsStormlight (site)Discovering Moviestorm
79BlogsStranger 109 (site)Gaming, Culture and Technology
142BlogsThe 1st Question (site)A live machinima game show filmed in Second Life
50AnimationThe Animation Podcast (site)The Voices of Animation
156BlogsThe Biggs Blog (site)The blog of Biggstrek from TMUnderground
143BlogsThe Dating Casino (site)The blog Second Life machinima game show "The Dating Casino," hosted by Lovey Foxtrot
13NewsThe Internet Archive - Latest Machinima Films (site)The Machinima Archive is a collaborative effort of the Internet Archive, the How They Got Game research project at Stanford University, the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, and
60BlogsThe Law of the Game (site)Video Games, Gambling, and Other Legal Discussions
101BlogsThe Moviestorm Development Blog (site)The quasi-official blog for all things Moviestorm, straight from the code/art/qa monkey-pit.
109BlogsThrough the Looking Glass (site)The blog of Tobias Lundmark (a.k.a. Dopefish)
134BlogsTMUnderground (site)TMUnderground is a growing community of machinimators and has an active and enthusiastic collection of talented people that are now expanding into other areas (iClone, MovieStorm, Antics, etc... not just The Movies anymore!)
182BlogsTokyo Tales (site)Main site for the machinima movies produced by the director kibishipaul. Stories with a twist in the tale set in Japan.
64BlogsTom Jantol's Blog (site)Tom Jantol's Blog
164BlogsTrendy Hendy Studios (site)The production blog of Trendy Hendy.
193BlogsWarLords WarBlog (site)Rants, Raves & Musings of an Anymation Warrior
115BlogsWee Bit Films (site)Flight sim movies by Russell "Joe90" Boyd - aviation stories from the World War 2 era as well as some IL2 game demos and tutorials.
213BlogsWee Bit Studios (site)A real-time professional animation studio working predominantly in iClone as well as Second Life, CrazyTalk and flight sims.
82Blogsyour ANTICS 3d community (site)Information and Support for Antics Users
214BlogsZ-Studios Production Blog (site)The movie/music collection and production journal of Phil Rice / Z-Studios.

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